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My parents’ house in Brooklyn (in the neighborhood where I have spent/spend all my years in NYC) is approximately a 10-minute walk from the Brooklyn waterfront.  This is where hipsters parade around and act like derp-asses; just a few years ago, it was grungy and relatively abandoned, full of old warehouses and lofts—half the streets still are made of cobblestones with old trolley tracks running down them, which is rare in a city whose favorite food is its own history.

In 1999 this neighborhood is where the Type O guys decided to take pictures for their World Coming Down album (which is, incidentally, my favorite—or at least, I think it is).  Last week I decided to go down with my extremely un-artistic eye and take pictures of what 3 of the locations—the album cover and 2 promo shots—look like now.  A lot has changed in NYC in the past 13 years; a lot looks different, but much has, thankfully, stayed the same.

The first shot, the album cover, looks different largely because Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, where the picture is taken from, has been ~renovated~ and some of the rocks taken away (I think).  Lots of new buildings, obviously no Twin Towers (thought you can’t really see them so well on the album cover anyway)

The second shot, a promo post, was the hardest for me to re-create (maybe because of my lens?)  You can see the same fire hydrant there, though, and the lightpost on the corner.  There are no one-way signs on the lightpost in the promo shot; someone probably had stolen them hahaha.  And there is the Manhattan Bridge in the background of both shots; the bridge looks kind of grungy in the daytime when those bulb light things aren’t lit up (do they even light up anymore? I don’t remember lol)

The last shot was the easiest to recreate in theory but a bunch of cars were parked where I needed to stand so I did the best I could.  Some of the standpipes on the side of the building are still there, as well as those windowsill protrusion thingies in the wall.  You can kind of see that that fence off to the left is still there, too.

I’m not a very good photographer and it was hard to get some of the angles right, but I hope you all enjoy this post.  Taking these photos made my day on a pretty bad afternoon, and it makes me very happy to hang out where these amazing guys once hung out.

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